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Thank you for visiting our page! My wife and I are just normal people who have a passion for helping others with their housing needs, small to large. I was born and raised in Little Rock and I am still proud to call Little Rock Home. At an early age, I developed a love for real estate and would always be on the lookout for homes with hidden potential. Not sure if my interest was sparked as a child from watching flipping tv shows on HGTV or from the desire to genuinely help others, this dream of mine only grew. Even though I quickly learned that these shows were made for TV and edited to fit into a thirty minute episode, I have managed to stick with it, and honestly could not imagine doing anything else with my life.

I started purchasing homes in 2010 and have been involved in close to 100 deals during that time. The experiences and knowledge I have gained throughout this time is invaluable. My favorite by far, is the relationships and friendships I have developed over the years. Second only to helping others. There is no better feeling than helping alleviate someone’s stress and fears by sharing the strategies I have learned over the last ten years. I found that the best solution is NOT always for me to buy someone’s home, but rather help connect you with one of our real estate experts to help solve just about any of your real estate issues.

I started my business buying raw land and developing it into lots for mobile homes in Lonoke County. Since, I have been able to expand to include not only land and mobile homes, but also single family and multi-family homes all over Central Arkansas. No property is too much! I have purchased properties with significant fire damage, homes that have not been updated since the 60’s, homes with ceilings falling in, to homes that just need paint and carpet. No project is too big or small. I do them all. I cannot begin to tell you the joy my wife and I find in taking a burden off someone’s shoulders all while helping restore our community by bringing homes back to life.

When we are not working, we love watching the Razorbacks (even though it is not always easy), live music, enjoying our beautiful state, and of course, a delicious steak. We would love to get to know you as well, hear your story, learn about your home’s story, and hopefully help you with any of your real estate needs rather it is purchasing your home or pointing you in the right direction. 

Give me a call today to discuss your situation: 501-449-2897

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