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Do you need help selling your Little Rock home as soon as possible? Find out how Gary Buys Houses AR can earn you thousands of dollars in just a week!

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Most property owners in Little Rock, Arkansas sell their homes through a real estate agent. But this process can take months to sell your house, if they even sell it at all. Not to mention the massive headache that comes along with working with a realtor – the repairs, the paperwork, and the whole open-house situation.

Fortunately, you can sell your house fast with Gary Buys Houses AR. We can buy your house in as little as 7 days, no matter what condition it’s in! If you’re tired of navigating the complicated real estate market, Gary Buys Houses AR can help simplify the process. Contact us today to sell your Little Rock home fast!

Sell your house fast in Little Rock
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If you live in the Little Rock area and want to sell your home fast, as quickly as a week, Gary Buys Houses AR can help you with everything you need.

We Get The Job Done Fast

Sell My House Fast In Little Rock With 3 Easy Steps!

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Reasons To Work With Gary Buys Houses AR

House sellers often call us saying, “I need to sell my house fast!” While you can go through the traditional home-selling pipeline, there are plenty of benefits of going through a cash buyer like Gary Buys Houses AR, such as:

Sell Your House and Get a 100% Fair Cash Offer

Most Little Rock, AR real estate agencies will actually require a loan approval to purchase your house. Even worse, when potential buyers are unable to pay cash, they are subject to the bank’s rules and red tape. Sometimes the bank won’t even lend on properties before certain repairs are made to the home!

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about any of that when you work with us! We make an upfront cash offer, and you get 100% of the purchase price right away. Sell your house fast – in as little as 7-days!

You Don’t Pay Any Closing Costs Or Agent Fees

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The average real estate company will charge you at least 6% in commission fees, which can cost thousands of dollars. Closing fees, professional inspections, and additional repairs can set you back even more. And we haven’t even mentioned the stress of having strangers enter your home for a viewing and demanding repairs!

Because we are investment property buyers, we don’t take a cut from the cash offer nor do we charge any closing costs. Selling your house has never been simpler (or cheaper) than with Gary Buys Houses AR!

You’ll Get A Fair Cash Offer No Matter The Condition When Selling Your House

There are plenty of valid reasons why you would want to sell your home fast!

  • Maybe you’re going through a stressful divorce?
  • Maybe you’re trying to figure out what to do with an unwanted or inherited property?
  • Maybe the constant repair work is giving you headaches?
  • Or maybe you’re just plain tired of being a landlord?

Whatever your situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about selling your house in bad condition. We buy houses that have sustained fire damage, flooding, pets damage, or general wear and tear. No matter the condition of your Central Arkansas home, we give you a fair cash offer. If you need to sell your house fast for cash, we can help.

You’ll Handle Less Paperwork

When you need to sell your house fast in Little Rock, AR, the mountains of paperwork can significantly stall the process. When you work with us, there’s no need to submit irrelevant documents and details – our paperwork is very simple and only 4 pages long.

You Can Beat The Odds Of Foreclosure

If your Little Rock, AR property is facing foreclosure, selling your house in time can seem impossible. We can stop the foreclosure process dead in its tracks and buy your home before the foreclosure is complete. This can save your credit, and in most cases, can actually put money back in your pocket!

You Can Sell Your Property In Just A Few Days

When we buy a Little Rock property, we give cash upfront. Without agents, commissions, or paperwork. Sell your house fast and close the sale in as little as 7 days!

We Want to Buy Your House
Get a FREE Cash Offer Now!

Get Cash For Houses In Little Rock, AR!

We Buy Houses As-Is! You can leave all your unwanted items behind. Trash, debris, clothes, furniture – anything and everything that you don’t want to keep or salvage from the house sale. We will take care of it for you to make this process as simple as possible with our professional team at Gary Buys Houses in Little Rock Arkansas “As-Is” in ANY Condition – It’s time to let us sell your Little Rock home and handle all the work while we buy houses quickly.

Our Happy Clients

Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor
21:49 10 Jan 23
We had a very amazing experience with Gary. The process was fast and easy. He communicated with us throughout the whole process and was always available for questions. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to sell a property.
Katie Bruhl
Katie Bruhl
14:34 09 Jan 23
Our house needed some renovations, so when we wanted to sell, we opted not to go the traditional real estate market route. After being contacted by some out of state buyers, I contacted Gary, who is local in Central Arkansas. Matthew met with us to explain the process to us and look at the house. We felt so much more comfortable with the process than with an out of state company. They are friendly and genuine - they made selling our house easy!
Gerald Campbell
Gerald Campbell
02:13 16 Dec 22
Karen Sharp
Karen Sharp
00:04 15 Nov 22
I used this company and they were great to work with. Very professional. I was able to get cash for my house quickly. They also were there every step of the way with the closing of my mother-in-law’s house. She had passed away and there were many obstacles to overcome just to sell the house. The team was great to help me with every obstruction that came my way. They are local to the Little Rock area. I would highly recommend them over a company that is out of state. Trustworthy and dependable!
Brandon Owens
Brandon Owens
20:54 07 Nov 22
Gary sticks to his word and closes quickly, would do business with again. Thanks Gary!
Robert Holland
Robert Holland
20:59 16 Sep 22
Gary and his Entire team are Great, smooth transaction!
Steve Ballard
Steve Ballard
18:24 22 Jul 22
Very professional experience @ we buy houses. Got cash quickly as agreed . Would recommend
Charles prout
Charles prout
21:19 02 Jul 22
Great guys to deal with. Refreshing up front and honest. No low balling and good support staff. Sam is always on top of it.
Maddy Sugden
Maddy Sugden
16:32 28 Jun 22
James Riley
James Riley
17:49 27 Jun 22
Gary Buys Houses made this process extremely easy for me and my family. We had gone through a nightmare situation and these guys took good care of us.

We Want to Buy Your House
Get a FREE Cash Offer Now!

Why We’re One Of The Best Companies That Buy Houses In Little Rock, AR

No one in Arkansas does it like us. Here’s why you should choose Gary Buys Houses AR to sell your house fast!

We’ve Closed Hundreds Of Deals

Since 2010, we have bought, sold, and wholesaled hundreds of Central Arkansas homes. We care about your priorities and can make a fair cash offer on your property in as little as 48 hours. Why would you want to deal with a big corporation, when you can do business locally? We are a local company with local interests, we know and love Little Rock, we call the Hogs on Saturday in the fall! We take pride in our local expertise and treat our clients as neighbors because that's exactly what you are! Big corporations only serve to bury you in paperwork and regulations.

We Value Our Customers

Our family-run business always puts the client first. Born and raised in Little Rock, we don’t see you as customers – we see you as neighbors we want to help. We understand that you may need the money NOW for something important, whether it’s medical bills or an upcoming purchase.

We buy houses fast so that you can have the cash you need ASAP! We make selling your home seamless and simple. You never have to read through hundreds of pages of paperwork with confusing jargon!

We Buy All Types Of Homes

Are you an Arkansas seller with a less luxurious address? Worried that you won’t be able to sell your home fast? You can stop worrying! We buy houses from any area in Arkansas. You can even sell a house that is damaged or needs repairs – we will still give you a fair price for your property. If you have an emergency and need to sell your house fast for cash, let us help.

We Get The Job Done Fast

Selling a house in Little Rock the traditional way can take months or even years! But because we purchase your home directly, you don’t have to waste time going through real estate agents, banks, and their documentary requirements. We can cut through all the red tape and make the process as quick and easy as possible.

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