How to Sell Your Hoarder Home

it can be challenging to sell a hoarder house full of belongings, but we can help you through the process.

Are you a homeowner with a hoarder house looking to sell it fast? You’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of sorting through all the piles of clutter, wondering where to even begin. 

But selling your hoarder home doesn’t have to be difficult. It might not even require you to remove all that clutter. TLDR; With Gary’s help, you can sell the house as is- without needing to sort or empty anything. 

Want to learn more about what defines a hoarder house, the potential hazards associated with them, and how you can quickly sell yours today for cash? Read on.

What is a Hoarder House in Little Rock?

A hoarder home is a house that has been neglected and overrun with clutter. It differs from other homes in that it contains an excessive amount of personal possessions and piles of debris that have accumulated over a long period of time. 

I want to touch briefly on the underlying issue with hoarding. Hoarding disorder is usually the underlying cause of a person’s inability to throw things out or give them away. Over time, this results in a house full of clutter that is difficult to sell.

And it is very difficult to convince the person to remove these items, even when you offer to help. (And even when they are your parents.) This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to find buyers. 

As this is a complex subject, I urge you to follow the link for more information on hoarding disorder.

Hoarder houses can range from mildly cluttered to bursting at the seams! It is extremely difficult to find a home buyer on the Little Rock open market without first removing all that clutter. 

And most real estate agents won’t be interested in listing such a property. Dealing with the “pre-listing” challenges will only increase the amount of time it takes to sell the house, traditionally speaking.

Typically, these homes are also in poor condition and need a large amount of maintenance and repairs as well. Without this additional work and thorough cleaning, you won’t pass the inspections necessary to make a sale. 

Finding a real estate agent to list your property is difficult. There’s simply too much to do before they can have an open house.

You can do all this work yourself, but it takes a lot of time and physical effort to remove all the clutter and do the cleaning. And spending weeks or months in the house can be dangerous.

The Challenge of Selling a Hoarder House in Little Rock Arkansas 

Selling a hoarder home is difficult. It can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing for both the homeowner and their adult children. The sheer amount of items that need to be sorted through, discarded, or donated before listing the home can seem insurmountable.

Attempting to find buyers through a real estate agent can be very difficult, as a prospective buyer won’t even consider these properties.

Buyers typically take a pass on these homes, as they can’t picture themselves living there. Buyers need an emotional connection to the property. 

In short, the only curb appeal is a negative one!  

How to Sell a Hoarder House Fast

Unless you have a team of workers ready to come to your rescue, it’s not going to be a fast process. 

Before putting a hoarder house on the market, it needs to be completely cleaned out and made show-ready. This means every item must either be thrown away, given away or sold – no exceptions. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t easy as many people find themselves attached to personal items due to sentimental value. 

And that’s before all the cleaning starts. Scrubbing down a home that hasn’t been cleaned in months or years is physically demanding. And takes a lot of extra time and cash.   

It can take weeks if not months for homeowners to do all this work in order to make their homes ready for buyers. Plus all the added repair bills. 

And all this before you even start the process of looking for buyers.

Fortunately, there are options available without all this risk and work. 

How to Sell a Hoarder House to Gary Buys Houses 

When it comes to selling a hoarder house, the challenge of sorting and emptying it can be daunting. It’s no wonder many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the thought of tackling this huge task. 

But with Gary by your side, the sorting and emptying of a hoarder house is no longer an issue for you to worry about. He’ll do the job of removing, giving away, recycling, and discarding for you – so that you can move forward without having to confront all that mess. No need to pay for professional junk removal services or hauling. You can take what you want – or simply walk away.

Gary is an experienced real estate investor who specializes in buying hoarder houses. As a cash home buyer, he and his team make this process quick and easy. 

All Gary needs is access to the property so he can accurately assess its condition and value. Once his team has finished their assessment they will make a fair cash offer within 24 hours.

Gary buys any type of hoarder house regardless of how bad its condition might be. He will make you a cash offer based on fair market value taking into account any necessary renovations needed after purchase. 

This allows you to get cash fast. Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell your hoarder property hassle free.

Key Takeaway: Preparing a hoarder house to sell is costly and time-consuming, fortunately, there is another way. You can offload it quickly and hassle-free when working with the right company that buys hoarder houses. 

Potential Hazards of a Hoarder House

When it comes to hoarder houses, the potential hazards can be very serious. Hoarders often accumulate large amounts of clutter and debris that create a number of safety risks for anyone living in or visiting the property. 

From physical injuries due to falls, fires from overloaded electrical outlets, exposure to mold and bacteria, as well as emotional trauma from being exposed to hoarding behavior – all these are potential risks you need to consider.


Overloaded electrical outlets are a major concern when it comes to hoarder houses. Many times there will be too many electronics plugged into one outlet. This can lead to an overload which could potentially cause a fire. 

These issues might need to be repaired by a licensed electrician.

Fire hazards may exist if combustible materials are present, and if a fire starts, escape routes will be blocked. 

Health Issues

Mold and bacteria can be a major issue in these homes, due to the damp conditions caused by blocked vents or hidden water damage. This creates an optimal environment for mold spores which could cause respiratory issues for those living and working in the home. 

Additionally, pest infestations can occur when food waste accumulates. This creates unsanitary conditions which could lead to general ill-health or disease for both inhabitants and visitors.

Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution when working in hoarder dwellings in order to minimize any potential health risks.

Physical Injuries:

The most common hazard associated with a hoarder’s home is the risk of physical injury due to tripping over objects that have been left lying around. The excessive clutter makes it difficult to move around, increasing the chance of a dangerous fall.

This could result in broken bones or even more severe injuries with possible lawsuits to follow.

And many injuries result from lifting and carrying heavy boxes and other cumbersome items.

Key Takeaway: Hoarder houses present numerous safety risks, from physical injuries due to clutter on the floors, overloaded electrical outlets leading to potential fires, and exposure to mold and bacteria. It is therefore important for homeowners selling a hoarder house to take necessary precautions in order to prevent any health issues arising from these hazards.

Ready to Sell A Hoarder House in Little Rock?

The Process of selling a hoarder house couldn’t be simpler:

Just contact Gary directly via phone or email and let him know what kind of hoarded property you have; then wait while his team inspects the property and makes their offer – usually within one business day. 

After accepting Gary’s cash offer for your home, it’s simply a matter of signing over ownership papers at closing – which could happen as soon as seven days from when you make that first call. And no realtor commission.

Selling your hoarder house directly to Gary eliminates all those tedious steps involved in traditional sales such as staging, showings, and negotiations; not to mention months spent waiting for offers from a prospective buyer who may not get the financing. 

Why wait? Contact Gary today and find out how easy it is to sell your hoarder house fast.

Key Takeaway: Gary is an experienced real estate investor who can help you quickly and easily sell your hoarded house – no need for costly clean-up or repair bills. With his team’s assessment done within 24 hours, the sale could be finalized in as little as a week. 

And as a cash buyer, there’s no worrying about the loan falling through. 

Thinking about selling your Jacksonville, Arkansas home? Check this out.

Hoarder House FAQS

How long does it take to clear out, clean, and repair the house?

Depending on how much clutter and how many repairs are needed, it could take a few weeks or even months to clear out a hoarder’s house prior to sale.

Is it possible to get an ASAP cash offer on a hoarder’s house?

Yes, an ASAP cash offer is possible on a hoarder house. It can be as quick as a few days!

How do I make sure the items we want to keep will be set aside?

This is a straightforward process. Just let us know which items you want. Preparing a list ahead of time is helpful. 

Final Thoughts on Selling a Hoarder House

Selling a hoarder house can be an intimidating process. If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to sell your hoarder house, then Gary Buys Houses is the perfect solution. 


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